Packet Pickup

Packet pickup is at Sports Authority in Issaquah on Friday, June 5th, from 1:00pm – 6:00pm. It is also available Saturday morning in the park, but closes 30 minutes prior to the start of the race.


1. Can someone else pick up my race packet and t-shirt for me on Friday?

Yes, you may pick up for someone else. Please ask them to bring valid ID with them so we can write down who picked up the packet in case there is an issue on race day. This ensures the packets are not picked up without the person knowing.


2. Can I drop my bike off on Friday at the race site?

No. Because Lake Sammamish State Park is a public park, we try to minimize the amount of time we’re displacing other park users. Therefore, we don’t set up the Transition Area (TA) until Friday evening. It is not secure until 6:00am on race day.


3. Can I get body marked on Friday at packet pickup?

Yes you can. In fact, we recommend it. Just one less thing to do on race day before checking your gear into the Transition Area (TA). If you don’t, you can still get marked on race day. Typically, we have the body marking station just outside the entrance to the TA.


4. Do I have to pick up my race packet on Friday?

No. You can pick up your packet on race day. Packet pickup opens at 5:30am on race day at the State Park. It closes 30 minutes before the start of each race.

  • 6:30am – closes for Sprint Triathlon & Duathlon
  • 6:30am – closes for 5k & 10k Runs
  • 8:30am – closed for Kid’s Events

 5. The website says that final registration for the 5k closes 30 minutes before that start of the race (at 6:30am) on Saturday. My family likes to sleep in and I’m afraid we’re not going to make it in time. Can’t we register up until 7:00am?

Sorry. Our timing company needs to get all the participant data into the timing database prior to the start of the each race. We’re cutting it pretty close as it is giving them only 30 minutes to get the job done. We appreciate your understanding.


6. The schedule says that packet pickup opens at 5:30am on Saturday, but the State Park’s website says the gates are locked until 6:30 am. Will the gates be opened early on race day?

Yes. We’ve been working with the Rangers at the State Park for years now. They’ll have the gates open on time for us. Be sure to tell them thanks for all their support of this event. We couldn’t do it without them!


7. If I register for a Team, can each registered athlete of the Team participate in the swim, bike and run portion?

No. Each team is given one timing chip, think of it as a baton that needs to be passed to each athlete. If you have a three person team, each team member does one leg. For a two person team, one person has to do two legs. Example: Team of Two – Sue & Bill: Sue does the swim and run and Bill would do the bike. Sue would get the timing chip and do the swim, run back into the Transition Area (TA). Bill will be waiting already with his bike. Bill takes the chip off of Sue’s leg (fingers are cold from the water), puts it on his leg and blasts out of the TA and does the bike course. Sue hangs out in their spot in the TA and changes into her running gear. Bill completes his bike ride, comes back into their spot in the TA and Sue takes the chip off of Bill’s leg and puts it on her leg. Sue then runs out of the TA onto the run course. Bill can change or relax and then head over to the Finish Line. Bill can either wait for Sue on the other side, or join Sue about 100 yards out, so they can cross the Finish Line together.


8. If we registered as a Team of 2 or 3 and now want to participate as Individual Sprint Triathletes, how do we change our registration from a Team to Sprint Individuals for the Triathlon?

If registered by 5/1/15:

  • The fee for the Sprint Tri Individual is $80
  • The fee for each Tri Team member is $50
  • Variance of $30 per Individual

Please e-mail to get information on changing your registration.

These changes can be made at packet pick-up or day of registration, but will incur the extra $10 late registration fees.