Post Event

1. Where will results be posted and when?

A hardcopy of the preliminary results will be posted at the race site just before the awards ceremony. The specific location is in the main event area at the finish line. Estimate posting to be within 48 hours of the event. If updates are needed (such as correcting someone’s age group), we make these directly to the website during the week following the event.


2. In the results, you have me listed as a male/female . . . which I’m not! What happened? Can this be changed?

Sorry about that! You know, it always seems that when we’re missing the data for the gender field in the database, it’s a name that could work for either gender (Jamie, Leslie, Chris, etc.). Sometimes these data errors just happen. If you see a problem, please email us at We’ll research it with our timing company, and get the results updated. Thanks for your patience.


3. In the results, what does DNF mean?

DNF stands for Did Not Finish. Sometimes a participant can’t complete a portion of the race (equipment problem, leg cramp, etc.) and they don’t cross all the timing mats. When this happens, they are listed as a DNF.


4. What if I win an award, but I have to leave before the award ceremony?

Our overall and age-group awards and raffle prizes ceremony will commence at the conclusion of the event near the finish line. Raffle winners must not be present to win, however, overall and age-group winners must be present to collect their prize.


5. Are there age group awards in the kid’s events?

No. The focus of our kid’s events is on fun and on learning the basics of a triathlon. We like to emphasize the unique sense of accomplishment that comes with completing the event. As they cross the finish line, each kid will receive a custom finisher medal, and they get a commemorative shirt with their race packet. We list race results in alphabetical order so that each athlete can focus on their own results. To be honest, this approach also helps to curtail issues when the parents of the young participants get a bit too, uh…. competitive about their kids performance (yes, it happens).  If a child is interested in getting more involved in triathlon, we recommend looking into the USAT’s youth triathlon program. Check out the USA Triathlon Youth Organization website.


6. Are there any hotels or camp grounds near the race site at Lake Sammamish State Park?

  • The closest hotel is the Holiday Inn which is less than 0.5 a mile from the park. You can literally walk over on race day.
  • A bit farther away are the Embassy Suites. You’d need to drive from there to the park, but it’s less than 10 minutes away, on I-90.

Here are links to several of the campgrounds in the area.

7. Are the event t-shirts short sleeve or long sleeve? Do they run true to size? What are they made of?

All participants who register before the t-shirt cut off are guaranteed a t-shirt. The youth t-shirts are a 100% cotton, and the adults are tech shirts . T-shirts sizes are guaranteed to participants who register on or before May 15th. Quantities and sizes may be limited after that date.


8. I have some feedback that I’d like to pass on for the event. How can I get these to you?

We really appreciate getting feedback and new ideas for the event. Please email us at All input is shared with the course captains and other members of the event team as we begin the planning process for the next year’s event. Thanks for taking the time to send us your thoughts.  Please be respectful and understand that our fundraising event is put on by volunteers and community members trying their best.


9. When is next year’s event? How soon can I register?

Registration for 2014 is open! Sign up today!


10. There is another triathlon at Lake Sammamish State Park in August. Do you guys put that event on as well?

The Lake Sammamish Triathlon was developed as a fundraiser for diabetes research. The event is now run by Rory Muller/BuDu Racing. Click on for more information. In the past we have shared race courses with end-of-summer event which gives you a nice method for comparing your race results.


11. Is your sprint triathlon friendly for “first-timer” triathletes?

Yes! We’re a great event for first-timers. The Issaquah Tri & 5K was started by a bunch of recreational athletes who really enjoyed getting together to do fun triathlons, runs, and the like. We wanted to create a home-town event that would encourage recreational athletes and kids to get out and try the sport of triathlon. So that’s what we did. (Okay, so we also needed a fundraiser and couldn’t stomach the idea of selling wrapping paper or candy bars!) Our event is now in its 14th year and we have a really consistent following plus a lot of first-timers. Folks from Issaquah, Sammamish, and Redmond participate. But we also get people from Seattle, Camas, Portland, and out of state and country visitors who happen to be in the area. We do have some elites and pr- racers that participate in our event. Because we’re the earliest triathlon in the area, these folks like to use our event as the kick-off for their summer season. You’ll find them to be friendly, considerate, and very supportive of the first-timers. We cap our entries at 1,000 individuals and 25 teams. This means that there will be sufficient room in the Transition Area and on the courses. The first wave into the water is the elites. These are self selected waves of males and females. All the remaining waves have 50 to 70 individuals, and are roughly grouped by age and gender. Waves are spaced 3 minutes apart. We also have “friends & family” waves for those who want to start at the same time as another participant, but they may not be the same gender or a similar age.  Regardless of which wave you start in, the way we handle the chip timing means that we’ll get an accurate timing on you. The courses are staffed by  volunteers from the local community, Arbor Montessori School, and area clubs and groups. I think you’ll find them competent, but also very friendly and encouraging. For motivation and entertainment value, you should definitely stick around to see the kid’s events. The kids do such a great job and it’s really fun to watch them give it their all. We serve up hot off the BBQ bratwurst after the race as well along with live music. We’d love to have you join us on race day.


12. Can I order photos from the event?

Yes! Check them out here: