Bike Course Rules

Your safety is our number one priority. Please be responsible and follow these safety rules so that everyone stays safe and enjoys the race. This is an OPEN ROAD course. You may not ride in such a manner that blocks vehicular traffic (or other cyclists attempting to pass). Emergency vehicles have the right-of-way at all time! Follow the instructions of Police Officers and Course Marshals on the course. Adhere to USA Triathlon Guidelines including the following:

  • Properly wear a bike helmet meeting or exceeding ANSI or SNELL standards.
  • Ride on the right side of your “lane”. No blocking.
  • Pass on the left of the cyclist in front, never on the right.
  • No drafting. If you are passed, immediately move your bike out of the drafting zone.
  • No unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • Comply with the mandatory Toe Touch and all No Passing Zones. (See below)
  • It is your responsibility to know the course. Read the description document; review the map. ( or email us at )

Bike Course Narrative:

                  As you leave the TA you may mount your bike after the timing mat, at the mount sign! Follow the road out to the right on the inside lane of the parking lot, turn right and follow the road out towards the main entrance of the park. You will be coned down to sharing one lane for two way bike traffic. Turn left and follow the maintenance road out to Northwest Sammamish Road. Follow the cones all the way along NW Sammamish Road around the intersection onto 56th. Travel along 56th in front of Costco to 220th where the cones will lead you around a left hand turn (the Fed Ex Corner). You may drift to the right hand side of 220th but will cross all the way to the west bound lanes of 51st before taking a right onto 51st. This leads you to East lake Sammamish Parkway where you will turn left into the outside southbound lane to go north, this lane is a one way bike traffic lane. When you reach the roundabout the cones will lead you around to the northeast exit of the round about where you will turn sharp left onto the northbound shoulder of Eastlake Sammamish Parkway. For about the next 5 miles you will be a regular cyclist traveling north on Eastlake Sammamish Parkway. We are limiting the traffic, but the road is still open and you must watch for cars. We will have volunteers but you must follow the rules of the road, except when indicated by police and volunteers that you have the right of way. The turnaround is just south of Inglewood Hill Road. Make a U turn and return the 5 miles to the round about where you will be directed by cones into the southbound bypass lane. You get the right hand lane of Lake Sammamish Parkway to 51st where you will be directed to turn right onto 51st. Staying to the right follow 51st to 220th where you will turn left (rather than going into Microsoft!). You will pass the Issaquah District Courthouse and staying to the right, follow the right hand turn lane onto 56th. Follow 56th all the way through the intersection with Highway 900 and back to the State Park Maintenance road. Turn right onto the maintenance road, once more staying to the right. Follow the road and the cones back along the park entrance road all the way back to the center of Sunset Beach parking lot and take a hard left back to the TA. Dismount prior to crossing the timing mat, at the Dismount Sign!

Be safe, Have Fun   – No drafting!