Kid’s Tri Tips

Your Main Goal

  • Enjoy yourself and complete your event in a fun spirit.

The day before event, June 6th, 2014

  • Pack your gear bag. All items should be marked with your name.
  • Enjoy a well-balanced, carb-loaded dinner.
  • Get a good night’s sleep.

Day of race, June 7th, 2014


  • One parent per child will be allowed in the transition area at the designated changing area to assist.  Parents are only allowed to assist in changing clothes and applying safety equipment such as helmets.  Children are expected to walk bikes out of the transition area and return them to their designated spot.
  • Parents, it is critical that you stay out of the bike lap and transition area.  It is extremely important that the volunteers have enough room to communicate directions to the kids.  Parents in the transition area must remain in the transition area and not exit during the race.
  • Please be aware of other children.  In helping your own child(ren), we don’t want to impede the travel of the other enthusiastic participants.
  • 10-13 year olds are instructed to place bikes and gear on the east side of the transition area furthest from the beach
    6-9 years olds are to place bikes and gear on the west side of the transition area, closest to the beach.



  • At 9:15am a MANDATORY Kid’s Triathlon course review meeting will take place on the beach.
  • At 9:30am, the Kid’s Tri begins.  There will be four waves. Wave order will be: 
    #1 Ages 10-13 boys     #2 ages 10-13 girls      #3 ages 6-9 boys     #4 ages 6-9 girls.
  • The kids start by lining up behind the starting mats at the water’s edge.  At the captain’s command, they will slosh in deeper in groups of 2, and will then swim the course, which is marked with buoys and volunteers in kayaks.  (Also, the water depth is approximately 3 ft deep.  Smaller kids are allowed to swim on the inside of the buoys if required) When they reach the end of the course they will slosh out to shore, run across the sand, up 2 steps, over the grass and back into the kid’s TA and directly to their spot or designated area separated by age group.  (Note:  ONE parent may be positioned at their station to assist with the transition, if needed)  Kids MUST put on their helmet and buckle it.  I strongly recommend they take a few extra seconds and stuff their swimming gear (goggles, cap, etc.;) into their gear bag, or at least leave it piled on their own towel.  You’ll appreciate this at the end of the race.
  • Once changed, they will grab their bikes and head towards the bike out/bike in path of the kid’s TA.  A volunteer will make sure they have their helmet buckled and then they can move out of the TA, mount their bikes, and be on their way.
  • Kid’s Tri will complete 3 laps, splash and dash will complete 1. Upon completion of the lap(s) the participant will head directly back to the transition area. Volunteers will help point them in the right direction.
  • As they near the kid’s TA after completing the bike leg, they will see a sign that says DISMOUNT HERE.  They can then run with their bike back into the TA via the same bike out/bike in path.  They should walk to their station in the TA, lay their bike on its side, and get changed into their running gear.  They will then exit the kid’s TA through the run out path.
  • At the end of the run leg, they will cross the finish line (the same as the adult events) and receive their custom finisher’s medal.  They’ll also get a bottle of water as they cross the line.  (This is a great spot for photos!)
  • Kids are no longer awarded by place.  We are all about stressing fun and safety first. Most kids take between about 17 minutes and 35 minutes to finish the race.
  • Anytime after the race, your child should come and collect all their gear from the kid’s TA.  If they’ve been somewhat tidy as they were transitioning, this shouldn’t be a big deal.  Note that the kid’s TA is not secure like the adult’s sprint-triathlon TA.